Dreamy Anniversary Session

April 30, 2018

This couple right here? (let’s just pause for a second as we all collectively hold our breath from their complete gorgeousness, ok?)… they are absolutely wonderful, kind  souls.  Nick and Tracie are the couple dreams are made of.  Funny story – I have been really wanting to photograph somewhere new around here and so I took the kids out scouting for locations the other day (much to their chagrin) and found a few pretty spots.  Well, right before their session began, I somehow ended up driving down a random dead end road and found…. the field of my DREAMS!  It was absolutely perfect and had ALL of the elements I had been looking for when scouting and still didn’t find all in one spot.  Not to mention it was less than ONE minute from their house!  Between that, the perfect weather, and the fact that Nick got a quick break from his extremely busy schedule, I think it was meant to be!  The time we spent together in this session was filled with laughs, and these two were as gracious as they are beautiful.  They have been married eight years and have two perfect little boys.  I loved learning about their love story.  One thing is for sure – any time spent with Nick and Tracie is a good time in my book!




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